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"Stephie has made a burning record that is beautiful and completely uniquely her own" - Buddy Miller


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Stephie's latest EP, "These Days",  itself is a perfect distillation of the best elements Detroit rock has had to offer over the last two decades: timeless leather-cool, thanks to the resurgence of Iggy Pop and the omnipresence of Jack White- and, above all else, great songwriting. From the Americana rock churn of EP opener, “These Days,” the album puts your expectations on the backfoot immediately: one part Phil Spector crooner and one part howling-for-blood rock as James snidely intones “The tide is turning, but some things never change.” Only three songs later, the album closes its five track suite with “West of Jaurez,” a lush string filled ballad.

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Stephie James  - West of Juarez (Official Video)
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Stephie Plays & Sings: Dick Dale (!!)
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Stephie Plays & Sings: Spanish Harlem (episode 1)
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